Three children, believed to represent Andrew, Joanna and Charlotte, three of the five children of the artist.

Artist/Maker ANDREW PLIMER (1763-1837)
Dimensions 8.50cm high   
Description It is known that Andrew and his wife Joanna Plimer had five children, four daughters and one son, Andrew, the latter of whom died when quite a child. It is not known when the eldest, Louisa, was born but as the Plimer's married in 1801 it stands to reason that she was born in 1802 for the next daughter, Joanna was born in 1803, Charlotte arrived a year later in 1804 and Selina was born in 1809. Andrew was born in 1805.

It is thought that the children in this portrait represent three of Andrew's children, being Andrew, the only son (dressed in blue) aged 3, and Joanna, being the tallest in the centre, aged 5 and Charlotte who hugs Joanna aged 4. We know from other portraits of Louisa Plimer (Andrew's eldest daughter) that she had blue eyes and the two girls in this current portrait both have brown eyes which rules out Louisa, and Charlotte is not present in this portrait as she was not born until a year after this portrait.

It it is believed that this miniature is that described in Wiliamson's book Andrew and Nathaniel Plimer, p. 27 where the author records " The delightful group of three of the children which has always remained in the possession of the family was painted before they left town, probably about, 1808, when the boy was about three years old. He is supposed to have died when about 8 years old, and before the family left London, but the date and circumstances of his decease cannot now be ascertained. "
Medium watercolour on ivory
Condition Good
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