A portrait miniature believed to be Thomas Chase a Madras Civil Servant

Artist/Maker JOHN SMART (1741-1811)
Dimensions 5.80cm high   
Description set in 18 carat gold frame, the reverse with plaited locks of brown hair.

Daphne Foskett records, in her book John Smart, the man and his miniatures, 7 sitters as being painted in India in 1787. By process of elimination the sitter in this miniature is most likely to be Thomas Chase.

He married Miss Anne Rand (b.1759-1837) 28th September 1787, the year this miniature was painted. (cf. Indian Records Series Vestiges of Old Madras). She died 1837 in Beaumont Street Marylebone. The Rand family clearly had connections with India, proven by the fact that Anne's niece, Lucy is recorded as being on the Queen Indiamen en route from Torquay to Madras in 1777 (10 years prior to this miniature) when the vessel burnt out and she was one of 5 ladies to loose all her clothes.

Chase is recorded in the list of Civil servants in Madras, in 1781 as being a Writer; in 1782 he is described as a Factor; 1783 Assistant to the Secretary to the Select Committee.; 1784 Clerk to the Justices, and French Translator; 1786, Assistant to the Secretary in the Military Department, and Clerk to the Committee of Stores.; 1788, Examiner to the Mayor's Court; 1790, Secretary to the Board of Trade; 1799, Returned to Diclia and Died, 1808, at Vizagapatam.

In the year 1782 Chase is recorded as a Factor in the Civil servants list alongside a Robert Woolf - who may be the same Robert Woolf who had his miniature taken by Smart, a year earlier in 1786, who was the husband of Anna Maria (John Smart's first daughter).
Signed Signed with initials on the obverse and dated 1787 with I for India
Medium watercolour on ivory
Condition Good
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