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Silhouette Secrets
30th January 2014

Silhouette Secrets is an artistic indie TV documentary currently in production about the history of portrait silhouettes and the artists who make them. It is a collaboration between indie film-maker Andi Reiss and silhouettist Charles Burns. The film takes the form of a journey, which takes place on two levels. The first is a journey back in time, exploring the artistic heritage of a modern-day silhouette artist and bringing to life some of the obscure and eccentric characters who have practiced this art in the past. The second is a physical journey, undertaken by Charles, as he travels to the places these artists lived and worked, meeting a variety of experts and living relatives. We are allowing this second journey to grow in a fairly organic manner, with each meeting suggesting a way forward to the next. The idea is to unpack the history of silhouettes by looking at the work of successive generations of artists, and the differing conditions in which they worked. We hope to do this in a quirky and entertaining manner, filling the film with unexpected visual references to the shadows and silhouettes we all see around us everyday. For more information please follow the link below http://igg.me/p/silhouette-secrets/x/6229502